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Hello I am that one Pacific Rim artist who does all the vectors so yes welcome to my ding dong blog for all your cool beans needs

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yeah I think once I get back home I’m gonna make a google survey doc I wanna know when and where people want it

i was gonna go to work today but it was slow enough to the point where they didn’t need a host so I took some stuff to valencia and now I’m cooking down in a Peet’s and jotting down notes for Shatterdome SF
I think the hardest thing about this this has been trying to find people who are willing to power it through with me because I want it done well and I want it done right so I need to fine some good contacts before November rolls around

i’m doing work for a collab at the moment but i’ve wanted to do a propaganda poster with pentecost in it for the longest time and i. REALLY don’t want to do the overly-used trope of the uncle sam recruitment poster…„.„ but it might come down to that 

unless i just mADE MY OWN composition without tribute to a pre-existing war time one but people can be lukewarm on their reception to originally composed propaganda posters





the pacific rim movie twitter released this article 40 minutes ago

*bites hands until Jamie comes home and they can shake him excitedly*

it feels good being able to say im in my art groove again. i missed drawing and expelling creativity. i have to let anxiety take a back seat to what i love, and i have to realize other people in my life will do what they do. 

but for now, i have pieces to make. <3


i get rly emotional/start to miss st. petersburg when i listen to my country and INTENSE when i listen to dofp soundtrack..,., and i’ve been in a bit of an emotional funk so i wanted to bust out and start on new pieces for shatterdome con / DC!! the kaidanovskies are first since i’m slavic trash 
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